Sunday School

The purpose of our youth Sunday School program is to assist and support parents in their task of training their children in godliness.  Youth classes are offered September to May for youth through grade 10. Young people 11th grade and up are encouraged to take part in an adult class of their choice. 

Bible Quizzing

 In conjunction with Teens For Christ, we offer Bible Quizzing for young people grades 6-12.  Bible Quizzing meets Thursday evenings, with quizzes on the first Saturday of the month September to February.  More information about Bible Quizzing can be found at www.teens4christ.com.

With my Whole Heart I seek you; let me not wander from Your Commandments.
Psalm 119:10

Teens for Christ

Valley encourages all youth grades 6th grade through 12th grade to become involved with Teens for Christ (TFC), a Christian ministry that serves young people in our area. For more information about TFC, visit www.teens4christ.com.

Bible Clubs

In addition to numerous summer activity and ministry options, TFC offers weekly Bible Clubs throughout the school year. Along with providing activities, games, and fellowship, Bible Clubs seek foremost to spread the gospel and encourage Christian young people in their faith. There are Stillwater and